Cooking with the masters

Cooking is something which most people think as an easy process. Cooking, however, is one thing that involves lot of mental as well as physical stamina. It involves lot of grinding, pounding, cutting and cooking. One has  to decide about number of factors such as the spices, flow of heat, amount of salt etc. And these decisions have to be taken instantly. Cooking is as old an art as civilisation. In the earlier times, cooking was done by heating the food on conventional ovens. However, as time passed by and men gained controlled over heat, cooking techniques improved, and food became more sophisticated in nature. Fast forwarding to the modern times, there are many culinary art schools where cooking is taught following the latest trends and techniques. The best professional culinary course in Erode, is an example of the fact that how good culinary schools have opened up in every nook and corner of the country. These courses are meant for all and available for short term as well as long…

Food- the love of our life

“ There’s no love sincerer than the love for food” ...and that specifically holds true in the life of all living creatures. I mean, just peek into the life of any middle class households, in India, for instance, and you will find that food is one topic that rules our life. The normal day in the life of a common man begins with “ What to cook for breakfast ?” Then, this is followed by deciding the menus for lunch and dinner. Food is a requisite of not only the body but also the mind. After all who will disagree with the fact that a good meal, does lighten up bad moods. Chocolates, as we all know are great mood boosters and help fight depression.
Cooking food is itself an art and a divine experience. Cooking, most people think  is an easy process, but it is not and involves lot of hard work, patience, and intelligence. One has to have presence of mind and decide upon factors such as amount of heat flow, mixing of spices, deciding upon the favours etc. Earlier most people learnt cooking e…

Cooking with friends

The Academy of Pastry arts has all the qualities that a good baking institute should have. This school can be defined as a baking institute with a difference. This school boasts of chefs and pastry makers of national and international repute. This is one school where the enrollees can learn everything by practical means. In other words, here baking is taught by complete hands on training. There are various cake making and decorating courses available in these institute from where the students can have their pick. The courses are both in the form of short term as well as long term course. . The advance courses are apt for those who want pursue baking as a profession and the short term courses are best for those who want to learn baking just as a vocation.
Baking has gone through much changes since it became a part of our daily lives. The story of baking is thousands years old. In the earlier times, initially, baking of bread was a step by step procedure and little bit complex in nature…

Life is one big party

Recently, I visited a big fat wedding. It was one wedding that left all the guests speechless. The ambience was simply ‘wow’ and the food out of the world. As for me it was the food that bowled me over. The platter was both, vegetarian and non vegetarian. The chilli chicken, the achari baingan, the pullav, the biryani and I could go on...were simply lip smacking. The chefs had done a marvellous job. Everything seemed to have been done with an eye towards detail.  Best spices were used, the vegetables were finely grated, and the food seemed to have been cooked keeping in mind the taste factor.
We all crave for such yummilicious food in our day to day life. Earlier such cooking were taught mostly in homes and were household affairs. However, in the modern times, there are many culinary institutes, which provide training in culinary arts. Here, cooking is taught according to the latest trends being followed in the international market.
Culinary courses in Delhi are perfect example of thi…

War of the sexes : Men or women, who is the better cook ?

It’s the battle of the sexes revisited. And the battlefield is the kitchen. So, the question that interests us all. Men or women, who are better cooks? Feminists will declare that it’s women who dominate the kitchen, and men would definitely beg to differ. So, what’s the verdict, who wins ? Let’s do a case study.
Historians believe that most of the cuisines in most of the cultures in the world have been developed by women. Infact, there’s no arguing the fact that women have always dominated the kitchen area of the house, in most middle class and lower income households since ages. So much so, that in some cultures, men entering the kitchen to cook, is looked down upon. Even in countries like India, may it be a South Indian, Bengali, Rajasthani , Marathi and various other cuisines...women have played a major role in their creation. In the modern era, too this trend continues and women, in maximum households  spend a major part of their daily routines toiling in the kitchen preparing dis…

Academy of Culinary arts Bangalore blogs_A gourmet special recipe

Who’s a gourmet ? In layman terms, a ‘foodie’. Someone exclaimed that there is no love sincerer than  the love for food and a gourmet would agree. Period. In fact, foodie or not, eating and cooking form a major part of our daily routine. Go to any household and this is one subject that rules the roost. The mornings begin with ‘What to cook for breakfast’ , the noons are followed by deciding the menu for lunch and the nights, are of course, time for some awesome dinner after a hard day’s work.   In the earlier times, in most middle class households, it was the women of the house who decided upon the menu and they were the one ruled the kitchen. Studies reveal, that in most cultures, women have played a major role in crafting the cuisines. And we need not explain why.
However, in the modern era, men and by that I mean the general population of men too are showing interest in the occupation of cooking. Earlier, men cooked, yes, no disputing that ….but they were basically khansamas or bawar…

Academy of Culinary arts india blogspot_Learning with the masters

I always wanted to learn cooking. My first teacher was my mother. Whenever I saw my mother toil in the kitchen, I knew this is what I wanted to do. Those were the 90s I am talking about. My mother was a out of the world cook. Even dad was a good cook. Infact all my family members are great cooks. And the best part is they can cook not only Indian, but cuisines from different parts of the country as well as the world. For instance, my dad could cook awesome Bangladeshi as well as South Indian cuisines. My mother’s continental food and their taste cannot be explained in words. Then there is one of my cousin who can cook best Sri Lankan dishes. Well...I can go on for the it’s a long list.

However, in the modern times, one doesn’t have to rely on recipe books or family members in order to learn cooking. One can learn cooking from various culinary schools that have become quite a craze in the past few years. The top 10 culinary schools in Thrissur cater to the needs of the people who want t…